About this event

The creation of a trilateral defense partnership between the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia has triggered heated debates on transatlantic cooperation and alliances in the Indo-Pacific. AUKUS has also opened a new phase in the strategic competition with Beijing, with the reinforcement of minilateral and ad hoc formats of cooperation to counter China's influence. In view of these latest developments, transatlantic actors such as France, Canada, and the EU must adapt their strategies as they aim to play a role in the Indo-Pacific.

With perspectives from both sides of the Atlantic, this webinar addresses the most pressing questions in this new context: How does AUKUS impact the French and Canadian, as well as European and transatlantic approaches on the competition with China in the Indo-Pacific? What are the implications for the future of transatlantic cooperation in the region, and how will transatlantic partners that are not part of AUKUS respond?

This event is organized in partnership with the Canadian embassy in Paris.

Event Speakers