About this event

Ukraine gained significant momentum after key battlefield wins in early November, but many in the international community were concerned that extreme weather conditions would present significant challenges and hinder further progress. The most dire predictions, including a potential Russian winter offensive, never materialized, but millions of Ukrainians remain without power, and the effects of Russia's partial mobilization are still unclear. Consequently, it remains to be seen how the war's first full winter has shaped its trajectory. Will Russia be able to regroup in the spring? How can allies support Ukraine and ensure the country is militarily prepared for spring? To discuss these questions and more, experts Kimberly Kagan and Lesia Vasylenko will join this month’s #TransatlanticTuesdays

Event Speakers

Sudha David-Wilp

Director, GMF Berlin Office

Sudha David-Wilp is the director of the Berlin office. She joined GMF’s Berlin office in September 2011, where she oversees GMF’s outreach to the Bundestag and engages with the media as an expert on relations between Germany an...