Out of Order Podcast

All Things China

January 11, 2018
Andrew Small
Amy Studdart
1 min read
Photo Credit: testing/Shutterstock

In the second episode of Out of Order, GMF Fellows Amy Studdart, Andrew Small, and Peter Sparding take a look at China and its approach to the liberal international order. First, they discuss the so called “China shock" ˗ the analysis that China, as a massive rising economic power, has been one of the causal factors for the crisis in Western democracies, in particular by taking manufacturing jobs in some regions. They then analyze responses from the United States and Europe and wonder if, in some cases, the cures that are now being contemplated may be worse than the disease. Then the podcast looks at the question of interference in Western democracies and whether China is acting similar in this regard to other powers, such as Russia, and what the differences are. Finally, Amy, Andrew, and Peter contemplate the "contest for the future" and what it means if an illiberal power like China takes the lead in various technological areas, such as AI, space, genomics, and nanotech.