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Defense Cooperation Foreign Policy

Some EU nations have foreign policies which aim to appease Russia. Their aim is to break The Kremlin’s autocratic relation with China and also improve their own economic ties with Russia. Countries in the EU’s eastern bloc, who have experienced the Kremlin’s threats in the past, have foreign policies which seek to respond to Russia through military solutions which display strength and power.”

Trade, Economics, and Business

I find it hard to believe Moscow would want full rapprochement between Turkey and Armenia. If the border came down, if there was more inter-dependence in the region and stability, then there would be less dependence on Russia.”

Democratic Decline

The united opposition should win at least 3 to 5 percent more votes to get a majority mandate in the Hungarian national assembly. That’s a huge difference and we don’t see this advantage in the polls yet.”

Defense Cooperation Foreign Policy

It would be detrimental if Poland, Romania, and other eastern flank countries were excluded from the talks. The reaction would be very negative and it would send a clear signal to Russia that, look: if you need to talk about European security, don’t worry about what those pesky central Europeans are thinking, you just have to talk with the big powers.”

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