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Foreign Policy

Hungary and Poland used to have a strategic partnership based on shared illiberal values and a political vision built on a strong semi-authoritarian state. There were always differences in this relationship, and most of these could be attributed to different strategic orientations towards Russia. Right now, they are practically pushing opposing narratives on the European Union. But, their end goals are more or less the same.”

Defense Cooperation

I think the signatories of the ceasefire appeal are far removed from the reality of life in the war zone.”

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Domestic Politics and Society

Poland led by PiS used to be Hungary’s prime strategic ally . . . Budapest made a lot of investment in this relationship, and Orbán is simply not ready to realize the losses. It is better to have this relationship cooled down and in limbo than risking a public fallout and facing all the EU and foreign policy challenges emerging from that.”

Foreign Policy

The Hungarian government, once again, got what it wanted, it was able to leverage the whole European Union. [Orban] has only winning cards. He can practically deny the European Union an oil import ban.”

Democratic Decline Foreign Policy

Over the past nearly four years, these hearings practically lead nowhere. I would not say that they are useless because it always used the tool to exert some leverage or pressure over the governments in the European Union, be it the Hungarian or the Polish.”

Democratic Decline Foreign Policy

The new cabinet lineup shows that the Russian thread is going to get even stronger for Orban. ... Navracsics’s selection is a gesture of sorts and suggests Orban’s peacock dance between east and west is set to continue.”

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