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Authoritarian Interference Foreign Policy

A new mechanism needs to avoid a grand bargain approach or expectations that all outstanding issues between the two allies can be resolved in the short run. The new mechanism should instead focus on cooperation where possible, fixing what is fixable and managing outstanding differences before they turn into major crises.”

Authoritarian Interference Foreign Policy

While the Greens and Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock favor a values-based approach stressing human rights and speaking out against the suppression of democratic forces, the Social Democrats and Scholz pursue a more pragmatic line. The question of who eventually will have the final say on foreign policy issues like China and Russia could become the first major litmus test for the unity of the new government. ”

Authoritarian Interference Defense Cooperation NATO

Leaders need to talk. The assessment of this move depends on the message Scholz is going to deliver to Putin. And Scholz must make clear to him that he is serious, ready to impose substantial costs on Russia for further aggression against Ukraine.”

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