Etienne Soula is a research analyst with the Alliance for Securing Democracy based in Brussels. His research focuses on China’s growing political and economic assertiveness in the transatlantic space. Etienne recently spear-headed the expansion of ASD’s authoritarian interference tracker to cover over 150 incidents of Chinese interference in Europe and North America. He also contributes to weekly reports on Russian, Chinese, and Iranian diplomats and state-media activity using the Hamilton 2.0 dashboard. Etienne previously worked at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, the Hudson Institute, and NATO. Fluent in French and German, he holds a dual master’s in international affairs from American University and the Université Libre de Bruxelles, as well as a law degree from the University of Nottingham.

Media Mentions

The new leadership at the head of [China's] MFA is dialing down, but not entirely abandoning, the wolf warrior rhetoric.
Translated from Chinese (Mandarin)
Given Chinese authorities' past history of harassing political opponents outside of China, the information available to this agent could negatively impact the safety and well-being of political activists around the world.
Translated from Chinese (Mandarin)
Compared with the last week of July, mentions of Taiwan in Chinese diplomats and state media’s tweets were up more than 500% and mentions of the PLA were up more than 200% in the first week of August.
I think people underestimate how much China has supported Russia and its messaging. It's naive to think of China as a neutral mediator in this crisis.
Translated from Chinese (Mandarin)