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Elections Technology and Democracy

History has demonstrated that people have already made up their minds when things happen too close to the election. But the midterm elections are far enough away that the public opinion benefits of this legislation may have some time to settle in.”


We need to make sure that we are putting people in these positions who put free and fair elections above partisan interest.”


The officials fear that Biden’s attempts to repair a fractured system are temporary, like glue holding together a shattered vase... Other governments, including those that have turned toward their own populist authoritarian leaders like Hungary’s Orban, see a potential Trump return as a boon. They are — unwisely — gaming out our polarization and hope it will work for their side. It’s very, very risky.”


The process is unfolding as it should. This is how you methodically count ballots in accordance with the state laws that Maryland has. I would encourage people to be patient.”

Elections Foreign Policy

Although Salvini and Meloni represent different stances on Russia, the League’s internal factions hold enough Euro-Atlanticist supporters to keep Italy on a similar path to the one it’s on now. My personal view is that there will not be any loud change or something extremely visible.”


What we have seen time and again is that those who support the ‘Big Lie’ find conduits to groups of people who they think can help perpetuate this conspiracy theory and erode confidence in elections and potentially cast doubt on them going forward.”

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