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The Black Sea is not only economically important for Europe, it is also strategically significant for European security, for the protection of trade routes and also for mobile defense. The European Union should have tried everything to ensure that the Middle Corridor is built by Europeans and their allies.”

Security and Geopolitics

We are in an abnormal moment of geopolitical risk around the Black Sea [because of] Russia’s invasion,” Romana Vlahutin, a visiting fellow at the German Marshall Fund and former EU special envoy for connectivity, told RFE/RL. “It’s hard to plan for something when things are this volatile, but we know that what we don’t do, others will.”

Authoritarian Interference Democracy

Russia uses direct lies to justify its behavior. So, if they can draw false parallels between Georgia and Ukraine and present themselves as victims, as if Georgia and Ukraine are the aggressors towards them, they will do so.”

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