Preserving peace and security in the Taiwan Strait is a shared interest of the United States and Europe. A conflict between China and Taiwan would disrupt supply chains and could shift US attention away from the North Atlantic and toward the Indo-Pacific. The EU strategy for cooperation in the Indo-Pacific issued in September 2021 expressed concerns about increasing tensions in the Taiwan Strait, noting that European security and prosperity could be directly impacted. Europe and the United States both support the shared values that underpin Taiwan’s democracy. Taiwan has quickly risen to become an important topic on the transatlantic agenda. In a joint statement released by the External Action Affairs Service and the Department of State on the high-level consultations on December 3, 2021, regarding the Indo-Pacific, the allies “reconfirmed their interest in stability and the status quo in the Taiwan Strait, and both sides noted a shared interest in deepening cooperation with Taiwan consistent with their respective ‘one-China’ policies.” The United States and the EU are cooperating on ways to boost Taiwan’s participation in international organizations and working together to strengthen deterrence in the Taiwan Strait. 

GMF Asia’s research aims to promote more effective cooperation and coordination between the United States and Europe on issues pertaining to Taiwan. It also seeks to increase understanding about Taiwan in Europe and the United States.

The Distortion of UN Resolution 2758 and Limits on Taiwan’s Access to the United Nations

There is a campaign underway by the People’s Republic of China (PRC) to reinterpret UN Resolution 2758 as based on its “One China” Principle and spread the fallacy that, through the resolution, UN member states came to a determination that Taiwan is a part of the PRC. Yet, in passing the resolution in 1971, the countries solely intended to grant the seat occupied by the Republic of China in the General Assembly and the Security Council to the PRC. A new GMF report by Jessica Drun and Bonnie Glaser analyzes the debate around UN Resolution 2758, including case studies of how the PRC is using the UN and its affiliated agencies as a medium through which to pressure NGOs and to gain further leverage on Taiwan.

Taiwan Trilateral Forum

The Taiwan Trilateral Forum facilitates discussion on how Taiwan can contribute to international fora as well as peace and security in the Asian region. The forum is also structured to enable candid conversation about Taiwan’s place in the international system by bringing together policymakers, intellectuals, media, and business voices from Europe, the United States, and Taiwan.

Program Experts

Program Experts