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Hungary and Poland used to have a strategic partnership based on shared illiberal values and a political vision built on a strong semi-authoritarian state. There were always differences in this relationship, and most of these could be attributed to different strategic orientations towards Russia. Right now, they are practically pushing opposing narratives on the European Union. But, their end goals are more or less the same.”

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For people that just literally tuning in to what [Biden] said, it was really sending some shockwaves. That was such a big and loaded closing remark to this trip that I think, in many ways, it overshadows some of the many good things that came out of it.”

Defense Cooperation Foreign Policy

I think both the West—and Russia—overestimated Russia's military capabilities. From Putin's perspective, this war was supposed to have lasted only a few days. Now it's clear that Putin will not reach its main political objective of having Ukraine and Ukrainian people be part of Russia's sphere of influence.”

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This is very uncomfortable conversation for Western allies. They assumed a more or less rational actor and they didn’t price in the kind of ruthlessness that we’re seeing from President Putin, and this of course upsets the traditional calculus in ways NATO has not fully thought out.”

Foreign Policy

Poland will assume the role of the Federal Republic of Germany during the Cold War. ... From the US point of view, Poland had turned out to be a not entirely reliable partner by making the conflict public instead of resolving it behind closed doors. ”

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