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Foreign Policy

With respect to the [EU's Indo-Pacific strategy], what is different now is not so much the footprint of the bloc in the Indo-Pacific but an understanding that the EU needs to view this region more strategically than it has in the past.”

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The reason why countries are willing to stand up more and do things, whether that is India in the Quad or Australia in AUKUS, is because of concern about China's behavior and its challenges to the rules-based order. So I think even before they actually start doing anything, just announcing that they have this new mechanism is very significant.”

Defense Cooperation

En effet, la nouvelle initiative américano-britanico-australienne est définie très précisément et étroitement comme un partenariat militaire et sécuritaire, puisqu’il s’agit de collaborer dans les domaines des sous-marins, du cyberespace, de l’informatique quantique et de l’intelligence artificielle.”

Foreign Policy

China rejecting Germany's request for a port call is a rude awakening for Berlin that its Indo-Pacific strategy cannot be neutral.”

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