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Defense Cooperation

Are we clear about what deters China and what provokes China? The answer to that is ‘no,’ and that’s dangerous territory. We need to think long and hard on how to strengthen deterrence.”

Defense Cooperation Foreign Policy NATO

We should see the message by the president and his subordinates as complimentary rather than contradictory. In combination they are saying, ‘We really don’t want to block Sweden and Finland’s accession to NATO but we will unless they act.’ If Sweden and Finland are flexible and address Turkey’s concerns then I think this problem will be easily resolved. However, if they don’t, with President Erdogan doubling down … I think Turkey will block.”

Defense Cooperation Foreign Policy NATO

The problem is that Europe’s dream of Strategic Autonomy has been sunk in Ukraine. After years of debate whether NATO or the EU should lead security, it is NATO that has emerged as the trusted partner. With the events in Ukraine, some EU countries regard the US or the UK as a better security insurance, than say France or Germany.”

Defense Cooperation Foreign Policy NATO Trade, Economics, and Business

And it is clear that the Russian invasion has led to a more general EU re-evaluation of its economic relationship also with China, especially in Germany. ... There is an unwillingness now to become similarly dependent on Chinese market access, as has been the case with Russian energy. This will greatly benefit Lithuania in garnering the full support of the EU in confronting China.”

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