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While such threats are taken very seriously by the US and NATO—which is why troop levels have increased in countries near Ukraine—Russia's threats are strategic and part of the Kremlin's war of disinformation.”

Digital Regulation Disinformation Technology and Democracy

Such offers lead many to wonder whether this is all a joke to Musk – or if it is strategic. He has this huge platform and he maintains it by doing unexpected and crazy-seeming things, often he seems to benefit from the chaos. ... Superficially he seems to argue everyone should be able to say what they want on Twitter, which is an attractive argument to some. But this is a special case – it’s about following SEC regulations, not free speech.”

Digital Regulation Disinformation Technology and Democracy

At least in the EU, you're going to have to put in place systems that control the amplification of illegal speech, and then you're going to have independent audits and the regulators are going to be watching. ... His comments are a little bit naïve of the changing regulatory system.”

Disinformation Technology and Democracy

[Twitter] is a moneymaking platform where your ideas are amplified if they're going to help the company make money. When you poll people, people say they want moderation, that they don't want conspiracy theories floating freely on their platforms, that they don't want harassment. So I think it's a misunderstanding of what people want.”

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