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Disinformation Technology and Democracy

It even leaves up RFK Jr’s public Facebook page. In addition, both RFK Jr and CHD remain active on Twitter, showing how inadequate the Whac-A-Mole approach is to conspiracy campaigns. Instead platforms must address the algorithms and other design loopholes that allow their sites to be weaponized in the first place.”


Russia's ability to promote its disinformation has gone unchecked in many parts of the world. Its audience [in Europe] may have dwindled since the war began. But that does not mean it's not finding an audience elsewhere.”


They [Russia] lost the information war in the West in the first week and haven’t got it back. Really good communications and disinformation cannot overcome really bad policies.”


While such threats are taken very seriously by the US and NATO—which is why troop levels have increased in countries near Ukraine—Russia's threats are strategic and part of the Kremlin's war of disinformation.”

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