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Digital Regulation Disinformation Technology and Democracy

Facebook [should] adopt a kind of “circuit breaker,” where the share button is automatically but temporarily removed on content that starts getting deep reshares very quickly, until the content can be evaluated. Something like this, could have stopped the disinformation video “Plandemic” from getting millions of views before it was ultimately removed from the site.”

Disinformation Technology and Democracy

This is a national security vulnerability. Social media goes well beyond providing users tools to connect organically with others. It pulls users into rabbit holes and empowers small numbers of extremist recruiters to engineer algorithmic radicalization.”

Disinformation Technology and Democracy

[Fort Detrick] has often played this sort of central role in conspiracy theories. But this one, of course, has tried to connect the origins of COVID-19 to the lab by essentially saying that the outbreak jumped from Fort Detrick to Wuhan brought over by members of the U.S. military.”


Whether or not anyone is buying into lobster or Fort Detrick being the source of Covid, it’s at least having the effect of muddying the truth and confusing people.”

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