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Climate Change Elections

This could be a significant political crisis for the coalition. But green issues were at the centre of the election. I think it's going to be very difficult for Scholz to renege on it.”

Climate Change Defense Cooperation

Russia's war against Ukraine has already put the fight against climate change on the back burner. If you look at Germany, for example, the economics minister Robert Habeck just had to recently announce more use of coal to power the German economy since the natural gas from Russia is being weaponized.”

Climate Change Foreign Policy Trade, Economics, and Business

Our diplomatic energies are no longer focused on the capitals of Paris, Berlin and London. India is starting to develop new partnerships with Europe’s sub-regions. India and Denmark, for example, signed a unique Green Strategic Partnership in 2020 – which will focus on dealing with climate, advanced technologies, and renewable energy. These are all crucial for India for building domestic resilience and capacities.”

Climate Change

The legacy of the pandemic is that we really know now that if the crisis is big enough then common European debt might at least be part of the solution and my bet come two, three, four years from now [is] the climate situation will reach that political level.”

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