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Defense Cooperation International Meetings NATO

"Even in countries historically reluctant to spend more on defence, there is now a growing sense of the importance of greatly increased defence spending," said Ian Lesser, from the German Marshall Fund of the United States think tank.”

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According to Daniel Hegedus, a foreign policy analyst at the German Marshall Fund, this was no accidental intrusion, but a conscious transfer of information on behalf of the Hungarian authorities to the Russian side. Of course, this cannot be proven, but given the context, it seems plausible. Likewise, although I have not seen any clear evidence, report or document substantiating it, intelligence sharing between Hungary and its Western allies is understood to be marked by a reluctance to share confidential information.”

Defense Cooperation Elections NATO Security and Geopolitics

Michał Baranowski, the head of the German Marshall Fund in Poland, said his country has a unique perspective on why spending more on defense is essential. But that doesn’t mean all European countries feel the same way.“It’s clear that Europe is waking up. It’s clear the West is waking up. But the question is if we’re waking up at the pace of relevance,” Baranowski said. “We’re talking about how European defense, and defense in general, is expensive. We kind of understand in this part of the world that what’s really expensive is if Ukraine loses the war, and then we actually have to deal with Russians that feel victorious and are trying to push further.” ”

Defense Cooperation International Meetings NATO Security and Geopolitics

Military support for Ukraine is absolutely essential in the next few months. They need more ammunition — particularly more air defense capabilities. This is why the lack of movement on the U.S. supplemental bill is so concerning. We also hope that the European Council will approve its planned €20 billion European Peace Facility proposal at the summit next month.”

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