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While Washington, as well as Sweden and Finland, had initially sought to have both countries join NATO together, 'there’s also a desire to keep this moving.'”

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Sure, if Trump were to win the presidency it would be a huge political bonus for Putin — don't get me wrong — but would it stop American weapons supplies to Ukraine or block all financial aid? No, I don't think so.”


I think the German-American partnership is strong and adapting to the new geopolitical realities. The U.S. government is very happy about the German decision to turn the tide, but also knows that things take time.”

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Washington is still looking to Berlin as the lead military power in Europe. It is an opportunity to take stock”


Those sort of transactions may not be something that Germany can depend on for the future. The United States also wants to encourage Germany to act in coordination with its European allies, without Washington needing to join in.”

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I think for Biden and his administration, Europe as a whole is the most important ally and NATO is the most important alliance. Even if the focus shifts east with the war, it doesn't diminish the role of Germany, France, Britain or Italy.”

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There is a pretty robust debate going on about security guarantees, but I really don’t think President Biden will want to put this forward now. Instead, the US administration is pushing ahead with “a porcupine strategy”, which means “arm Ukrainians to the teeth so that they can deal with Russia directly.”

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