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Defense Cooperation

This may be a signal that this kind of cover can’t last forever. Those sort of transactions may not be something that Germany can depend on for the future. The United States also wants to encourage Germany to act in coordination with its European allies, without Washington needing to join in.”

Defense Cooperation NATO

There is a pretty robust debate going on about security guarantees, but I really don’t think President Biden will want to put this forward now. Instead, the US administration is pushing ahead with “a porcupine strategy”, which means “arm Ukrainians to the teeth so that they can deal with Russia directly.”

Defense Cooperation

The war has made it plain to everyone in the country that the armed forces are in a state of disrepair. Given the dire state of things, it has been remarkable what the Bundeswehr has been able and willing to give Ukraine after all.”

Defense Cooperation

For the EU it is very important symbolism to have Zelenskyy in Brussels, but for Ukraine the stakes of this visit are much higher than for Europe. Now as questions turn to other issues where the EU plays a bigger role like reconstruction, the timing seems to be more right to come to Brussels. ”

Defense Cooperation

France missed an opportunity to show what strategic autonomy is or could be. Under the surface of the slogan, there was not much there in terms of resources or deployment or even in intellectual leadership. ”

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