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The Biden administration had no choice but to follow through on a diplomatic boycott. The decision to label China's actions in Xinjiang a genocide meant that no U.S. official could attend the Games. Other countries have not used such provocative terminology.


It’s undeniable that she’s given Germany a lot of soft power. Undoubtedly she’s elevated Germany’s image in the world. When she first came onto the scene in 2005, a lot of people underestimated her, but she grew in stature along with Germany’s role in the world.

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Merkel's successor, Olaf Scholz, will also adopt a rather cautious stance toward China and rely on a knowledgeable advisor with experience as ambassador in Beijing: Michael Clauß, currently Germany's permanent representative to the EU in Brussels.

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China is probably one of the main conflicting lines within the new government because, of course, Germany is a country that is exporting and importing [to China] a lot, and its relationship with China is essential for the economy – decoupling from China would be economically very bad for Germany.

For the first eight months, the Chinese just refused to engage. They hoped that there would be a return to Obama-era policies.

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