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Defense Cooperation

Are we clear about what deters China and what provokes China? The answer to that is ‘no,’ and that’s dangerous territory. We need to think long and hard on how to strengthen deterrence.”

Foreign Policy

Many of the ideas in IPEF have already been incorporated into smaller bilateral or minilateral initiatives, but by knitting these fragments together in a comprehensive "framework," the Biden administration hopes to show that there is a compelling overarching vision behind its regional economic engagement.”

Translated from Korean
Democratic Decline Foreign Policy

Over the past nearly four years, these hearings practically lead nowhere. I would not say that they are useless because it always used the tool to exert some leverage or pressure over the governments in the European Union, be it the Hungarian or the Polish.”

Foreign Policy

I don’t think that you’re going to hear anything in the Tony Blinken speech that hasn’t been said before and I don’t think that the goal is to come out and say something different because we have observed what the administration has done over the last 15 months. I think the main emphasis is how we’re going to do this alongside our partners.”

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