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Foreign Policy

Europe is increasingly tied to the United States, because of its views on Ukraine. This is hampering China’s efforts to improve ties with Europe.”

Foreign Policy

The paper contains a whole paragraph on the need for humanitarian assistance, but where is China in providing this aid? So, it’s not a peace plan and China is not playing the role of peacemaker.”

Democratic Decline

There has definitely been a pro-Russian convergence, and China has been repeating pro-Russian talking points since the beginning of the war while also downplaying Russian war crimes and giving prominence to Russian voices. ”

Foreign Policy

People in Germany and in the chancellery look at this kind of escalating rhetoric in Washington of an unavoidable escalation of conflict with China and view that with some concern and think that an escalation is still avoidable. And so that's going to be the difficult part for Olaf Scholz and German politics in general, if tensions continue to rise with China.”

There hasn't been a question yet on what kind of significant things China could be asked to do, because previously Russia didn't need to resupply. But they are hitting that juncture. How long is China willing to say to Russia it will not do it?”

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