The German Marshall Fund of the United States (GMF) aims to have wide-ranging global impact. Our programmatic and grantmaking work supports individuals and civil society in and beyond Eastern Europe. Through our leadership programs, we help grow and support the next generation of transatlantic leaders, and support our alumni in their further efforts. Our research and policy recommendations provide answers to the important questions and challenges policymakers face worldwide. Finally, we aim to help those on the ground during conflict and disasters through our HOPE Fund, which embodies the spirit of the Marshall Plan.

GMF aims to create more stable, democratic, and peaceful societies, and a global environment in which nations can work together to address shared challenges and opportunities.  We understand the vital importance of measuring and evaluating our programs and outreach, and we constantly assess programs to make them more effective. The reinvestment of new knowledge and insights into our work helps us improve the impact of our programs and policy efforts over time, in a continuous cycle of learning and improvement.

Impact cannot be measured in statistics or reports alone, however. Our success stories, found below, tell the human side of our work. GMF is proud of the impact we have made in many parts of the globe, and with your support, we can continue this vital work.