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Foreign Policy

Poland is still finding its way in leadership, and it’s about balance. Sometimes it’s worth it to ruffle some feathers, but the western view is that this can be done with a little bit better style”

Foreign Policy

We heard rhetoric reminiscent of Ronald Reagan's, quite black and white, with Cold War overtones. However, it is no longer a question of a block against block confrontation, but of a fragmented world, requiring great diplomatic agility, which the Biden administration has taken on board. ”

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Foreign Policy

Poland is very much on the front line and will remain so whatever the course of the war in Ukraine. The country occupies a critical position in allied deterrence and defense and is the key logistical hub for assistance headed to Ukraine. The fact that the president’s speech takes place in the Cold War birthplace of the Warsaw Pact will not be lost on observers, not least Russians.”

Foreign Policy

It is going to be a long war. If we don’t have the political leadership and if we don’t explain to our societies why this war is critical for their security, then Ukraine would be in trouble. ”

Foreign Policy

President Biden can speak to the Poles, the Ukrainians, but most importantly to the whole transatlantic community and to the American people.”

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