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Authoritarian Interference Foreign Policy War in Ukraine

“For Orban, the visit may also serve to portray him as a more constructive actor and build his image as an advocate for peace,” Végh said. But, she added, “Orbán’s position or request toward Zelensky — calling for a cease-fire before peace negotiations — continues to reflect a disregard for Kyiv’s views.””

Authoritarian Interference Foreign Policy Global Implications of China's Rise

“Beijing is probably aware and infuriated that the Philippines has successfully delivered construction materials...China has waited 25 years for the ship to disintegrate and slide off the reef and continued escalation against the Philippines suggests that they will not back down and admit defeat,” said Bonnie Glaser, a China expert at the German Marshall Fund. “The potential for an armed conflict over this tiny, submerged feature is increasing.””

Authoritarian Interference Disinformation Technology and Democracy

But those countries are not plagued by the same degree of political division as in the United States, according to David Salvo, a former U.S. diplomat and now managing director of the Alliance for Securing Democracy at the German Marshall Fund think tank. “It’s tough, because the best practices tend to be in places where either trust in government is a hell of a lot higher than it is here,” he said. ”

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