The leadership position of the United States, the EU, and their democratic allies in critical and emerging technologies is contested by an autocratic rival in the PRC. The creation, control, and application of emerging technologies is now a dominant mode of exercising national power, with implications for human rights, national security, and political and economic freedom. 

GMF Technology exposes and counters autocratic technology models and threats to fundamental freedoms by elucidating the drivers of competitiveness in critical and emerging technologies, including AI, the future internet, quantum information, biotechnology, and green tech; assessing how democratic allies stand today in relation to their competitors; and recommending ways they can continue to lead together tomorrow. 

To understand the PRC’s global technology footprint, we have developed a framework for assessing PRC influence in the technology stack. 

We provide detailed advice to policymakers on fast-evolving issues through congressional testimony, expert briefings, and thought leadership. Our convening, media, and public engagement activities deepen understanding of the threats of the PRC’s technology leadership and guide allied responses.