Sophie Arts is the program officer for GMF’s Geostrategy North team, where she covers security and defense issues facing Northern Europe, the Arctic, and North America. Specifically, her research focuses on NATO’s eastern flank, as well as US homeland defense and cooperation between allies and partners in the Arctic. She has published research on NATO partnerships, the impact of new technologies on NATO defense and deterrence, the dynamics of escalation within the cyber domain, and strategic stability in a multipolar world.

Prior to joining GMF, Arts worked as a research assistant at the Atlantic Council and as a trainee in GMF’s Brussels office. She has a background in political journalism and wrote for Spiegel Online International. She also produced news briefs for the European Commission as part of her work for Kantar Media, a media-monitoring agency .

Originally from Germany, Arts holds a master’s degree from Humboldt University in Berlin and a bachelor’s degree from the University of Freiburg. She spent two years studying in the United States, at the University of Virginia, where she also worked as a research assistant in the media studies department and at the university’s Center for Politics, and at Connecticut College.