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Foreign Policy

Ever since the Zeitenwende speech it has just been a series of mishaps. Lots has been promised but when you look at what has actually been delivered it is underwhelming and we’re coming up to the six-month-anniversary of the war. There is a lack of communication skills and a lot of hesitancy.”

Climate Change Defense Cooperation

Russia's war against Ukraine has already put the fight against climate change on the back burner. If you look at Germany, for example, the economics minister Robert Habeck just had to recently announce more use of coal to power the German economy since the natural gas from Russia is being weaponized.”

Defense Cooperation

I think the signatories of the ceasefire appeal are far removed from the reality of life in the war zone.”

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Defense Cooperation

Putting yourself into such a dependency with your eyes open - that was not a side effect, that was the desired goal. The interdependence was politically desired: more gas from Russia was better than less gas; Russian investment in our storage facilities was good, not bad.”

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