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Foreign Policy

Ever since the Zeitenwende speech it has just been a series of mishaps. Lots has been promised but when you look at what has actually been delivered it is underwhelming and we’re coming up to the six-month-anniversary of the war. There is a lack of communication skills and a lot of hesitancy.”

Whatever is going to happen to her [Brittney Griner] has already been decided at the highest levels. I don’t think what her defense team is doing is going to make things any worse because I don’t think they can markedly change the landscape.”


Russia's ability to promote its disinformation has gone unchecked in many parts of the world. Its audience [in Europe] may have dwindled since the war began. But that does not mean it's not finding an audience elsewhere.”

Defense Cooperation

If Russia undertakes any action that will result in the collapse of the agreement, it would be a blow to their public global image. This is just a show of a lack of goodwill on the part of Russia. There’s nothing in the agreement that would prevent Russia from doing this.”

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