At GMF, diversity means that individuals of all backgrounds and identities, especially those that are historically marginalized, are not only represented, but thriving at every level of the organization. We acknowledge that every human is unique and that our identities can be visible and invisible. GMF values diversity of thought and recognizes that true diversity of thought can be achieved through creating a culture conducive to employees of all backgrounds and identities feeling psychologically safe within the organization. 


At GMF, equity means striving to create a just environment in which all GMF staff and partners have what they need to thrive, including pay equity and access to opportunities, networks, resources, decision-making power, and information.    We acknowledge that working toward equity means recognizing that not everyone has the same access. Intentional and varying levels of support are needed. 


At GMF, inclusion is an evolving practice of fostering an environment in which all individuals feel seen, heard, and valued at all levels of the organization. We acknowledge that, as a transatlantic nonprofit, there are historic and ongoing sociocultural and geopolitical realities that result in obstacles to inclusion at GMF. We are committed to developing an inclusive workplace in which we break down these obstacles and create a space where all GMF staff and partners feel that they belong.


At GMF, belonging is the extent to which GMF staff and partners feel they are part of a larger whole in a group setting. It is the metric by which we measure diversity, equity, and inclusion, and it is a tool that allows us to further reshape the work environment to mitigate inequities and geographical imbalances in our organization. Belonging is driven by GMF’s culture.   



GMF envisions a world where equity is foundational, inclusion is fostered, diversity is celebrated, and belonging is the result. While GMF, through its initial mission and vision, was not established on the values of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging, we recognize that holding these values at our core makes us better internally and externally. GMF plays an active part in fostering a more inclusive transatlantic space and is striving to achieve this through myriad intentional shifts:

Internally, GMF strives to:

  • establish equitable policies and transparent practices that promote an inclusive and psychologically safe environment for all
  • address racial inequities and discrimination against underrepresented groups through internal capacity-building for staff and fellows to better understand current DEIB practices and how to integrate them into their work
  • be transparent in setting expectations and defining available career paths, providing greater opportunities for our employees to feel valued and empowered at every level

Externally, GMF strives to:

  • integrate diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives into our leadership development, programmatic functions, and policy recommendations
  • provide platforms and convenings that allow for different views and perspectives while maintaining an inclusive culture for all

We recognize that diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging efforts are a journey. GMF is constantly evolving to meet the needs of what it means to be truly inclusive and equitable with all GMF staff and affiliates. We own our DEIB challenges and commit to holding ourselves accountable by:

  • periodically updating our Inclusion Roadmap and 
  • publishing an Equity Report annually that details our DEIB progress, opportunities to build more equity and inclusion, and recommendations for continuing to create a more inclusive transatlantic space
  • publicly disclosing our workplace demographics and diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts through our annual Equity Report
  • publishing our five-year Inclusion Roadmap showcasing GMF’s DEIB goals and metrics 

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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Programming and Activities

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The Vibrant Neighborhoods Forum provided a unique opportunity to bring six cities in the United States and Europe together to explore how civic engagement can be used to address challenges in six neighborhoods segregated by race, ethnicity, and/or income.

Inclusive Leadership Summit

This annual summit offers GMF alumni opportunities to accelerate growth as inclusive leaders in the transatlantic context.

Impact Stories

"We try to provide education events for doctors, business, journalist, lawyers, politicians. We try to explain why and how they can support the LGBT community in Ukraine, try to build some bridges between LGBT people and non-LGBT people.

And I would add that we not only try. We do this. Successfully."
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“As a person with a disability, government officials were not going to meet with me if they heard that there was a person with a disability who wanted to meet them. But when they heard that a MMF wanted to meet them, they went out of their way to make that happen. The prestige and reputation of the MMF program and GMF got me in the room when I would not have otherwise been allowed in.”
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