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[Erdoğan] saw an opportunity to extract some benefits both for Turkey and for his own political standing [ahead of a crucial election next year.]”


After the Second World War, the Finns have been very, very pragmatic. It’s easier for Finland to make this 180-degree turn than Sweden — [neutrality] is so much part of Swedish identity.”

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[I am] confident that the Turks, Swedes, and Finns will come to an agreement, the fact Erdogan is standing up at all helps add to his mythmaking as a unique leader in Turkey’s history. He can say in the past Turkish governments would unconditionally approve this application, well, as a strong leader, I’m not doing that. ”

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And it is clear that the Russian invasion has led to a more general EU re-evaluation of its economic relationship also with China, especially in Germany. ... There is an unwillingness now to become similarly dependent on Chinese market access, as has been the case with Russian energy. This will greatly benefit Lithuania in garnering the full support of the EU in confronting China.”

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Turkey having a strong air force is important from the perspective of deterrence. But, if there is a war, then of course Turkey having a strong air force would be very important for the war effort. A direct conflict with Moscow appears unlikely.”

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