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Defense Cooperation Foreign Policy

While Ukraine is impressing with very smart tactics and strategies and organization, no one can deny that the Ukrainians have been taking hit after hit. Russia has a lot more to pour into this war than the Ukrainians have.”

Defense Cooperation Foreign Policy

The exclusion of Taiwan from IPEF dealt a hard blow. This step is welcome, but it falls short of both IPEF and a bilateral FTA. Nevertheless, if agreements are reached in all these areas, they could comprise future chapters of a bilateral trade deal if the politics become more favorable. ”

Defense Cooperation Foreign Policy

Beijing has harshly criticized the Quad and will not be happy if (South Korea) becomes involved, but it will probably voice its concerns in a way that sends a warning signal but leaves the door open for a positive bilateral relationship.”

Defense Cooperation Foreign Policy

I think that the PLA lacks full confidence that it can seize and control Taiwan. The PLA itself talks about some of the deficiencies in its capability. And obviously, the war in Ukraine highlights some of the challenges that China could face; it is certainly much harder to launch a war 100 miles across a body of water than it is across land borders, (such as those) between Russia and Ukraine.”

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