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Global Implications of China's Rise International Meetings Security and Geopolitics War in Ukraine

What's important is that you have a large group of countries, not only Western countries, but also developing countries, Etienne Soula, a research analyst at the Alliance for Securing Democracy at the German Marshall Fund of the United States, told VOA. The security expert also pointed out that participating in the conference is not "automatically supporting Ukraine or the Western position," "but I think it is very clear that the countries that choose not to participate are certainly sending a signal that is close to the Russian narrative."”

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War in Ukraine

China is not neutral as regards Russia’s war against Ukraine. It provides a lifeline to Russia’s economy, and in particular to its defence industry with its massive critical dual-use goods exports, supporting the war effort. ”

Global Implications of China's Rise War in Ukraine

The problem for Europeans is that the Chinese are pursuing this ever more hostile, ever closer alignment with the Russians, because it serves them to have the Russians as a partner who is openly challenging and disruptive, while China at the same time wants to remain a very close economic and technological partner of the EU and the U.S. So China wants to have it both ways”

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