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Democratic Decline

There has definitely been a pro-Russian convergence, and China has been repeating pro-Russian talking points since the beginning of the war while also downplaying Russian war crimes and giving prominence to Russian voices. ”

Democratic Decline

The pandemic was so incredibly disruptive to everyone. The intensity of feelings about COVID, I don’t think that’s going to go away. And any time something new comes along, it breathes new life into these grievances and frustrations, real or imagined.”

Democratic Decline

Autocratic leaders like Erdogan often use ‘maintaining order in the wake of a disaster’ as a pretext to restrict speech, especially speech that may be critical of their handling of said disaster. ”

Democratic Decline Foreign Policy

There is also a sense in Budapest that Orbán is often criticizing the West’s response to the war because business circles close to the ruling party still benefit from economic links to Moscow — and because he wants to strengthen his case for opposing sanctions. ”

Democratic Decline Elections

Some threats may not be homegrown, as foreign adversaries continue to try to influence U.S. elections, and polarization around election administration may make it harder for the U.S. to fight off such efforts.”

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