The principles of diversity and inclusion are central to advancing GMF’s mission of strengthening transatlantic cooperation and reflect our core values of integrity, excellence, respect, and inclusivity. Heterogeneity of ideas and backgrounds is a key ingredient in innovation, organizational cohesion, and team performance. As such, our work’s quality and relevance are directly tied to the active effort we put into building both intellectual and demographic diversity.

GMF’s diversity policy reflects our deep commitment to cultivating the heterogeneity that makes us strong:

GMF strives to provide an inclusive community comprised of individuals from diverse backgrounds in order to promote and maintain an environment of intellectual inquiry and dialogue rich in outlooks and perspectives. We value the depth that diversity brings to our mission, and we are deeply committed to building an environment in which contributions of every employee are accepted and valued. GMF believes that a diverse workforce is crucial to advancing global perspectives. Our commitment to diversity will be reflected in our recruitment, retention, and advancement. Furthermore, GMF strives to connect and engage with diverse program participants and audiences inclusive of individuals of various ages, genders, national origins and races, religions, sexual orientations, political affiliations, veteran status, as well as individuals with disabilities. GMF is an active member of the Think Tank Diversity Consortium and The Global Access Pipeline and organizes programs to advance diversity and inclusion in the transatlantic space.

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