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Foreign Policy

Europe is increasingly tied to the United States, because of its views on Ukraine. This is hampering China’s efforts to improve ties with Europe.”

Foreign Policy

The paper contains a whole paragraph on the need for humanitarian assistance, but where is China in providing this aid? So, it’s not a peace plan and China is not playing the role of peacemaker.”

Russia has used the grain deal as a bargaining chip to hold over the heads of Ukrainians but also international negotiators... Russia doesn’t deserve a medal for creating a war, carrying out war crimes, and causing global instability that caused this food crisis in the first place.”


While Washington, as well as Sweden and Finland, had initially sought to have both countries join NATO together, 'there’s also a desire to keep this moving.'”

Technology and Democracy

The U.S. should pursue a new digital foreign policy focused on a 'digital policy lab' to foster domestic policymaking, a 'technology task force' to promote international cooperation, and promotion of the White House-led Declaration for the Future of the Internet.”

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