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Trade, Economics, and Business

If European companies pull out of Lithuania because of this Chinese coercion, then Beijing will have won and the lesson it will draw from this is that it can pressure European countries to tow its red lines.”

Defense Cooperation Foreign Policy

Letting this crisis fester is likely to have a bad outcome for Lithuanian interests, and perhaps for Taiwan’s as wel. The establishment of a new office and the rapid expansion of Lithuania-Taiwan ties is a big win for Taipei regardless of what they call the office. ”

Foreign Policy

I don’t think these messages are resonating much with Western countries anymore. There is growing realization that Xi’s language and vision for world order as expressed in his speeches doesn’t match up with China’s policies and actions.”

Trade, Economics, and Business

The importance of RCEP for China is primarily in strengthening the trend toward intraregional trade, with China as every country's number one or number two trading partner. RCEP also strengthens China's narrative that it is an active participant in multilateral trade deals, while the US is not.”

Translated from Chinese (Mandarin)
Authoritarian Interference Defense Cooperation Foreign Policy

That scenario is being debated quite a bit here in Washington. What’s going to happen if we have two theaters of war, two theaters of tension, at the same time? Can the United States handle that? Having moved to the US for a research project involving Russia, China, and the US, I see growing concern about the Russia-China relationship ramp-up in recent weeks.”

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