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Foreign Policy

The new leadership at the head of [China's] MFA is dialing down, but not entirely abandoning, the wolf warrior rhetoric.”

Translated from Chinese (Mandarin)
Foreign Policy

If they treat Russia as an equal -- even if they don't think they are -- then this will pay dividends for China, and that's been a growing part of how Xi has approached this entire relationship.”

Emerging Technologies Technology and Democracy

Say a handful of American voters in a particular state watches or is engaged by a particular type of content. Then it’s way easier to capture your attention. If they do then decide to put political messages [in your For You page] or amplify certain political content, they know what grabs you.”

It may not be enough for Beijing to want to arm Russia, which could expose China to Western sanctions, but I could see them trying to diplomatically box out the Ukrainians the same way they had tried to do with the Lithuanians.”

Defense Cooperation Foreign Policy

In one way, it's relatively normal that European leaders do their own bilateral visits. There is a national agenda, as well as the European one. I think the question from other leaders, as we saw in the European Council the other week, is, again, what has been coordinated by way of a European message?”

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