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But discontent with the government, a strong base in East Germany (the AfD took the lead in all five states in the EU vote) and the recent attack on the official have likely propelled the AfD forward, David-Wilp said. "They are not going to disappear from the German political landscape anytime soon," she added.”

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“The EU’s approach to China will not see any big changes for now, after the elections, as the center parties will continue to become more realistic … [But] if Trump wins the U.S. election, the EU’s polarization on China policy is likely to grow,” said Gunnar Wiegand, a retired top EU diplomat on Asia, who’s now a fellow at the German Marshall Fund think tank.”

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The results could add tensions to the U.S.-European bilateral relationship over time as European leaders face pressure to respond to the concerns of disaffected voters, said Kristine Berzina, who leads the German Marshall Fund of the United States’ GMF Geostrategy North program.”

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But Ntousas said the broader picture shows the far right had modest gains across the bloc and in some countries didn't do as well as preelection polling predicted. The centrist majority that has “really set the tone when it comes to EU policies has held,” he said.”

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