Whistlestops for Ukraine

The German Marshall Fund is partnering with the Howard G. Buffett Foundation to create a modern "whistlestop" tour to drum up support across American agricultural communities.

Impact Stories

"The fight for change continues, with a long road ahead, but the desire for a better future has never been stronger."
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"In recent years, we have seen major advances for the LGBT community in Armenia... But there is still much work to be done, as LGBT people are still more likely to live in poverty, to experience homelessness, and to be victims of violence. That is why it is so important to celebrate Pride Month. It is a time to come together."
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"As a young trans activist, I wake up terrified of what’s to come, yet I continue forward. I believe that connection and safety are what empowers us to continue forward. I was lucky enough to get that very early in my journey and am now working to provide that to others as well."
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"Putin can bomb and destroy Ukrainian cities, but he has already lost this war, because the Ukrainian nation is united in will to resist and fight back, be free and sovereign. I am proud of my people, army, government, and president."
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"The images you see of Belarus in the media cannot tell you everything that is happening there now. When I traveled to my home country shortly after the presidential elections, I found myself at the center of the Belarusian protests and was able to witness the events on the ground. What I saw there is both inspiring and unsettling."
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