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I'm very skeptical that the current round of talks will end Russia's war in Ukraine. This war has never been about Ukraine's NATO membership for Vladimir Putin. I'm concerned that from Russia's perspective the talks are meant to buy time for the Russian military to regroup.
What concerns me is that we’re falling back into our Syria chemical red lines trap. It’s fine to have tough rhetoric but tough rhetoric has got to be followed up with an immediate and full-bodied response.
It's clear if you read between the lines that Ukraine will never be a part of NATO. That's a concession on paper, it's not a concession in reality.
There are no major differences between what's happening in Ukraine and Putin's past actions in Chechnya, Syria, and other conflict zones. Putin has used force like this before, committing human rights violations that have been grotesque and cost countless lives.

Statement on Russian Invasion of Ukraine

As an organization dedicated to defending democracy and strengthening the transatlantic relationship, The German Marshall Fund of the United States condemns in the strongest possible terms Russia’s illegal and unprovoked invasion of Ukraine.

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