GMF’s Risk + Strategy program provides short- and long-term analyses of the political, geopolitical and geoeconomics risks and emerging trends impacting Europe, the United States, transatlantic relations and the global order, as well as the interplay of domestic and foreign policy in the United States and Europe. 

The Risk & Strategy experts provide policymakers and business leaders with three complementary assets for analysis and strategic planning: 

  1.  A better understanding of the strategic environment, by providing rapid and informed analyses of strategic disruptions, as well as the tools to optimize approaches to crisis management.  
  2. The capacity to think proactively to stay ahead of emerging risks, anticipate long-term trends, and develop instruments to manage these risks and mitigate their impact. 
  3. The incorporation of geopolitical and geoeconomic risks into long-term strategies and planning. 

The Risk & Strategy experts manage policy projects and contribute to the strategic debates on both sides of the Atlantic. The program also conducts foresight projects, anticipating risks and opportunities to help policymakers, business leaders and other opinion shapers better understand political, geopolitical and economic shifts, and their implications for their decision-making processes. 

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